Prudent Advisory

Wealth creation at your fingertips. Guidance of professional and prudent experts you can trust.

Vertex Investments

is licensed with the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten

Wealth creation at your fingertips


It is Curacao’s primary depository for investment knowledge and the leading investment services provider within the Dutch Caribbean. We are a group of experienced Investment Professionals who are passionate about wealth creation!


We are dedicated to helping our customers become financially independent through our mandate to:


-  enhance the knowledge and awareness of investments opportunities and finance;

-  simplify the world of investments by offering creatively packaged products and services to assist our valued customers in their journey to financial growth;

-  be responsible corporate citizens by playing our part in the continued development of the capital market frameworks within the Dutch Caribbean.


With over 70 years of cumulative investment management experience, Vertex Investments is excited to be the leader for the new frontier of opportunities for the investment community of the Dutch Caribbean.


The Advisory Board provides supervisory oversight to the operations of Vertex Investments 
and is tasked with influencing the direction of the company’s policies and procedures in its
pursuit of service excellence.

The Board’s core responsibility is to provide guidance of, and adherence to,international best 
practices related to Superior Corporate Governance, Code of Ethics and Standards of 
Professional Conduct.

Willemstad, Curaçao

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